Indoors or outdoors
Your comfort is ensured to the maximum

Comfort is a biological necessity for all human beings. Established in 1971, Ramdas movie house is the first air conditioned cinema house at Thrissur, Kerala, paying emphasize to comforts. The movie house has updated the available modern sound system in 1994 with “Ultra Stereo Sound System”, thereby it once again continued to be the first movie house in Thrissur adapting modern techniques.

The car parking facility accommodates more than 60 vehicles in addition to ample two wheeler parking facility. Moreover the movie house has 1106 number spectators in its spacious hall. Modern seating facility are always absorbed by the house to add comfort to the viewers. Our interest is to provide the maximum comfort. We welcome you to the Cheloor’s Ramdas movie house, Thrissur for extending your pleasure.