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Home, sweet home, built out of your dreams. A place where you return after a hard day’s work and relax, a place where you share precious moments with your family. A place that gives you a sense of belonging. It is definitely one of the major things that you can board on in your lifetime. The bad news is: however is that not everyone in this globe is like you, loaded enough (financially, of course) to be able to build a house as soon as he wants to.

Whether you are Non Resident Indian or Resident of India, and you are thinking to start your journey of buying a new house, looking to move to a new house, investing in property or are looking forward to refinance……

Once you’ve decided to endeavor on a home loan, there are so many things that you need to be informed with. Not only is it going to be an emotional experience, it is also going to be a very informative monetary journey, as you will be dealing with the whole caboodle of the mortgage process along the way.

Cheloor helps you realize your long cherished dream of owning your home through hassle free and customer friendly home loans.

The loans from leading Housing Finance Institutions can be arranged with minimum involvement on your part (subject to the conditions put forth by the financial institutions). The pre-approval of Cheloor projects by leading Housing Finance Companies makes the whole process a whole lot easier. Maximum loan amount with long term easy installments can be arranged for both NRIs and RIs, because we realize what owning your home means to you and your family.

Documents to be submitted by Applicant for availing loan:

  1. Duly completed apllication form.
  2. Personal assets & Liabilities statement in Banks standard format.
  3. 2 passport size photographs.
  4. Proof of identity(Passport/Voters card/Identity card)
  5. Proof of residence, permanent as well as temporary(ration card,telephone bill)
  6. Statement of Bank account/Pass book for last six months in which salary is credited.
  7. Original Salary certificate from the employer , Form 16, Copy of IT return submitted for past 3 years.

Additional documents for NRI’s

  1. Copy of passport
  2. Copy of valid work permit/employment contract.
  3. Salary certificate attested by Indian Embassy supported by 6 months bank statement.
  4. Power of Attorney, for execution of documents, duly registered(if applicable).

Please note that the list is only indicative and there may be variations/additions for each Financial firms